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Our Founder

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Toni Tate MJur, ACSR, CIC, CRIS, ARM

During my 25 year career in the commercial insurance industry, I have worked for various agencies and brokers in the Dallas area. In addition to my career accomplishments, I have successfully incorporated my passions for teaching and writing into my lifestyle.


I hold a Master of Jurisprudence in Risk Management from Texas A&M University School of Law as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration in Risk Management and Insurance from the University of North Texas.


I am licensed in the State of Texas as an Adjuster and a Property and Casualty General Lines Agent. I am also an Accredited Customer Service Representative (ACSR), a Commercial Insurance Counselor (CIC), a Construction Risk Insurance Specialists (CRIS), and have an Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designation.

My community involvement includes Historian for the Dallas National African American Insurance Association and an active member of Sister Network Inc. Dallas.

I am a proud mother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece and a resilient cancer survivor.


Our Story

Corporate Coffee began as my personal therapy. 


Having worked for various employers, I noticed I was part of a small minority or the only black woman in the organization.  After noticing my white coworkers who were less experienced, less educated but advanced at a much faster rate, I began to doubt my own abilities.  I received a myriad of responses when I inquired about the lack of promotion that ranged from insufficient social skills to budget deficiencies.  Frustrated at the blatant untruths, I had no outlet. I began thinking how strategic the corporate system is and in order to counter it, I must be strategic as well. I thought, “If I’m experiencing this, I know there are other women of color out there that are as well.” It was then Corporate Coffee was created. 


We as women of color do not have a glass ceiling; we have a concrete ceiling. Alone, we are ineffective.  Collectively, however, we can encourage each other while accumulating tools in our toolbox that we can utilize to effectively break the concrete barrier that prevents us from advancing to higher levels in Corporate America. 


Corporate Coffee’s goal is to elevate more women of color into C suite positions of authority in Corporate America.

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